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H2Oi 2014 by @Mkoziel x Dapper

This year we went out on a limb and decided to take a Ferrari F40 down to H2Oi in Ocean City, Maryland. It was a little bit of a risk bringing such a high end car down but it was well worth the risk based on the exposure! H2Oi for those of you that don't know what H2Oi is, it started out as a week long gathering of German cars, mostly VW's and Audis. In years most recent it's transformed into basically a social gathering of thousands of various cars and people from all over the Eastern side of this continent. To get a full on look at exactly what this years H2Oi was about, check out Mike Koziel's amazing footage. Who would like to see us in 2015 some more surprises? 


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Branden Card
Branden Card

January 05, 2015

That video was amazing!

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