Defy All Odds Apparel® is a New York based clothing brand established in 2012. There are no high end designers or large scale marketing teams behind the scenes. Defy All Odds is currently designed, run, and marketed by professional motorcycle racer & self taught graphic designer Corey Alexander. To us a shirt is much more than an article of clothing but a way to illustrate a message. It is a way to tell people who you are, what you believe in, and what you stand for. We are heavily influenced by both what inspires us and what motivates us. We thrive off the various cultures of motor-sports, action-sports, music, and fashion as well as the trials & tribulations of life. It's our goal not only to offer you the highest quality products but to also motivate you to push your limits, chase your dreams, and defy all odds. Join the movement; there is no stopping us. 

Defy All Odds Apparel® | #DefyAllOdds #ThereIsNoStoppingUS